Raising a Super Smart Jack Russell – Puppy Training Tips from the Experts

Raising a Super Smart Jack Russell – Puppy Training Tips from the Experts

We Answer Some of Your Questions and Provide Puppy Training Tips to Help You Raise a Super Smart Jack Russell Terrier

You just picked up little Pogo last week, and he’s settling in perfectly. He’s sniffed all the trees, rolled on all the carpets, and snuggled up countless times, but you’re starting to wonder about training. When should you start teaching him basic tricks and commands? What about more advanced skills? Raising a super-smart Jack Russell Terrier takes some effort, but the rewards are endless! We answer your training questions and provide a few basic puppy training tips to help you teach your four-legged friend how to be the best doggie he or she can be!

Jack Russell puppy training to use the bathroomWhen Should I Start Training My Jack Russell Puppy?

As a premier Jack Russell breeder, we tell new puppy owners that the sooner you start training, the better! We recommend you begin training your Jack Russell puppy when they are as young as eight or nine weeks. The sooner you start training your puppy, the faster they will learn. Just like children, puppies’ brains are able to absorb information quicker when they are younger. Training your puppy in basic commands while they are still young will give you a solid foundation for more advanced tricks later on.

How Do I Potty Train My Jack Russell Terrier Puppy?

Your puppy needs to learn the basic commands before you begin teaching them more advanced tricks. Potty training your Jack Russell should be your first priority when you get them home if they’re not already potty trained. Fortunately, they are exceptionally smart and pick up on potty training quickly. If you need to potty train your pup, follow this proven method that we’ve developed over the years: Potty Training Your Jack Russell Terrier.

Jack Russell Dog Training to play fetch with a toyHow Do I Teach Them Basic Commands?

If your puppy is already potty trained, you may want to start teaching them more commands. Sit, stay, and even how to walk properly on a leash should be your next priority as a new dog owner. But, where do you start?

No matter what you start teaching your puppy, it all begins with patience and repetition. Puppies have short attention spans just like children.  They need frequent breaks and encouragement to help them learn new things. Snow Creek Jack Russell recommends short but repetitive, puppy training sessions to teach your puppy any new trick or command.

Another puppy training tip we recommend is that you focus on one trick or command at a time until the puppy can perform the trick without difficulty. Concentrating on one trick will prevent your puppy from getting confused. It will also help them learn the skill more quickly, which will allow you to move on to the next trick quicker as well.

What Should I Do if My Jack Russell Puppy Isn’t Learning a Trick?

Jack Russell puppies are extremely intelligent and usually pick up on tricks and commands quickly. If your Jack Russell puppy is having trouble learning a specific trick, however, move on to a different one! Sometimes a trick might be too difficult for your puppy. Moving on or going back to basics will help your puppy get ready to learn more difficult tricks later. You can always retry teaching your puppy the trick he or she couldn’t get the first time later.

Should I Use Treats to Train My Puppy?Jack Russell puppy training with treats

Treat training can be effective when dealing with puppies, however, you need to be careful or your puppy will expect a treat every time he or she performs. We encourage a mix of rewarding your pup with treats and praise for a job well done. Treats are helpful when first starting a new trick. After initial training, switch to praising as a reward. This will help curb their expectation that they get to eat every time they perform a trick.

What Trick Should I Teach My Jack Russell First?

Jack Russell Terriers are capable of learning tons of tricks, if you don’t believe us, just look up Jesse, the Jack Russell Terrier. A good trick to start with though is ‘sit up,’ also known as ‘sit pretty’. Jack Russell Terriers are exceptionally adept at the ‘sit pretty’ trick and are practically born already knowing how to do it! Try starting your Jack Russell Terrier off with this easy trick and give them lots of praise when they master it for you.

Jack Russell Terrier puppies have the world in front of them when it comes mastering tricks. Their large capacity for learning and their spunky nature allows them to excel in agility shows, movies, and TV shows. Check out some of the world-famous Jack Russell Terriers and start training your puppy using our puppy training tips today!

For more information on Jack Russell Terriers, call Snow Creek Jack Russell.


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