Potty Training Your Jack Russell Terrier

Potty Training Your Jack Russell Terrier

Potty Train Your Jack Russell Terrier Puppy in 1 Week

No matter how adorable your little Jack Russell Terrier is, you’ll want to prevent him or her from making messes in your home. Many new puppy owners struggle with potty training their Jack Russel Terrier, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. At Snow Creek Jack Russell, we’ve created a sure-fire method for potty training either your Jack Russell Terrier or any new puppy you have. We use this method on all our puppies and can tell you it works like a dream. Follow this regiment strictly and you can have your new Jack Russell Terrier puppy potty trained in as little as a week!

What You’ll NeedCrate for your Jack Russell Terrier Potty Training

First thing’s first, your puppy will need to be at least nine weeks old. Training them too early or too late can be detrimental in getting them fully trained. Nine weeks old is the ideal potty-training age for your puppy. You’ll also need:

  • A Small Crate

Do not get a bigger crate than necessary. You do not want one where they have a lot of room to run around in because you are teaching them that it’s not a restroom. Get one that is big enough to be comfortable but small enough that your puppy cannot do its business within one area and retreat to a different area in the crate.

 outside. Do not stop to talk to neighbors, fix your garden, or otherwise mess with something outside while you are potty training your puppy.

Walk Your Puppy Outside and Limit DistractionsA Jack Russell Terrier Playing When it is supposed to be using the potty

Any member of your family can help in potty training your Jack Russell Terrier, however, they each must follow the steps in order to be effective in training. During potty training, you need to limit distractions for the puppy. To limit distractions, make sure only one person is taking the puppy out at a time. You should also never let your puppy walk outside itself. Instead, carry the puppy

In following the above tips, you are teaching your puppy that this is a purposeful action. Letting him or her walk outside or stopping to talk to your neighbors will give your puppy time to play, which you want to avoid. Make potty time serious and a task for your puppy to complete by limiting distractions.

Keep it Consistent

Dogs pick up on cues and like consistency. To help in potty training your Jack Russell Terrier puppy, you’ll want to give them a dedicated spot to do their business and give them a cue on when they should use the restroom.

First, pick a spot you want your dog to use as their dedicated bathroom spot. You will take your puppy to this spot every time it needs to use the restroom, and later they will always go to this spot.

Next, each time you take your puppy out to use the restroom, say the same phrase. For example, you can say, “Do you have to go potty?,” or “Do you want to go to the bathroom?” Then, take your puppy out with the above tips in mind. When you get to his or her dedicated bathroom spot, say the phrase again and set the puppy down.

After you set the puppy down, avoid interacting with your puppy, which includes staring or talking to them. Instead, pretend you are a tree and just keep an eye on your watch. Remember, you don’t want to distract your puppy, so don’t interact with them, other objects, or people around you. Simply wait three to five minutes for your puppy to use the restroom. What your puppy does next will determine your next move.

Reward Your Puppy or Repeat the Steps

If your puppy uses the restroom within five minutes, reward your puppy with praise and kisses while carrying him back inside. When you get inside, allow your puppy to roam around the house for about an hour. You can slowly increase the roaming time by 15 minutes per week until your puppy can hold it for several hours or until your puppy tells you he or she has to go out.

If your puppy does not use the restroom within the five minutes, carry your puppy back inside and put him or her back in the crate. After 15 minutes, repeat the process of using your phrase, carrying your puppy out to the dedicated spot, and waiting no more than five minutes for your puppy to use the bathroom.

After your puppy is housebroken, you’ll only need to use the crate for vacation or as a safe spot when your puppy is over excited.

Following the above steps to the T can result in a fully-housebroken puppy in as little as one week, but you must be prepared to stick to the steps. Do not start and stop as it will only confuse your puppy and may result in them never being housebroken. Start potty training your Jack Russell Terrier puppy today and call with any questions. We are always here to help at 985-981-1161.

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