Why Jack Russells are the Perfect Dogs for Your Children

Why Jack Russells are the Perfect Dogs for Your Children

If You Combine Jack Russells and Kids, it’s the Perfect Recipe for Life-Long Friendship!

When it comes to the perfect family dog, the clear winner is the Jack Russell Terrier. These adorable, lovable, and loyal pups are perfect dogs for children and families. We’ll prove it to you! Check out all the reasons Jack Russells and kids make the perfect match and start your child’s life-long friendship today!

Jack Russell Puppy perfect sized for kidsSmall Statures Mean Instant Connections

Children face mountains everywhere they go. From looming chairs to high countertops, everything they face each day is giant sized. When it comes to children and large dogs, things can get a little dicey. Large dogs can be extremely intimidating to kids and they may fear them for life. Kids also face injury when around large dogs as large dogs can be clumsy and knock children down even when they’re just trying to play.

Small dogs like Jack Russell Terries, on the other hand, are perfect dogs for children because they are child sized and a great deal less scary. In addition, Jack Russell Terriers are less likely to knock down your child when running past them or wagging their tails. Puddin Jack Russells, the ones we have at Snow Creek Jack Russell, are only two to five pounds as puppies. These small, fun dogs are the ideal-sized companions for your little one.

Two Jack Russells playing who can keep up with kidsHigh Energy Levels to Keep Up with Any Child

Jack Russell Terriers are all about keeping the fun going. These high-energy dogs are the perfect match for your child because they can keep up with their high energy levels. Whether it’s chasing each other around the yard or playing with toys inside, you’ll find that your Jack Russell and kids will keep each other occupied for hours on end. In addition, these lovable dogs follow the same mantra most children do – play hard then nap hard. After a few hours of good times, you’ll find both your child and dog tuckered out and ready for nap time.

Award-Winning Personalities to Boot

While their small statures help in making children comfortable, their personalities are what really matters, and Jack Russells really won the personality lottery. Jack Russell Terriers are known to be good natured dogs. They’re a friendly, happy, and non-aggressive breed, which makes them perfect family dogs.

At Snow Creek Jack Russell, we make sure our dogs are extra friendly with a special socialization program. All the puppies from Snow Creek Jack Russell are socialized and exposed to a variety of situations including being handled by children and adults, being exposed to the different sounds of home and farm life, and being around other animals. When they’re old enough to leave Snow Creek, they’re used to children so they’re just excited to have your child as their new playmate.

Jack Russell Sleeping by the fireHigh Trainability for Quality Bonding Time

There’s no denying that Jack Russell Terriers are smart dogs. They’ve been known to master many tricks and learn quickly with their high intelligence. As a result, a Jack Russell would be the ideal dog for your child to help train as they catch on to commands easily. With all the quality time that your child will spend training your Jack Russell, a strong bond will form between them, and the training will be a rewarding experience for both.

Jack Russells are Loyal Family Dogs that Protect Your Children

Jack Russell Terriers aren’t just great fun to have around, they’re also top-notch watchdogs capable of playing the protector. With their fierce loyalty and distinctive vocal cords, these fearless dogs will alert you when a stranger is on the property and won’t hesitate in helping you keep your children safe.

In addition, unlike other watchdogs, a Jack Russell’s high intelligence helps them pick up on friend vs foe. Many people avoid watchdog breeds because of their aggressive personalities toward any person other than their family members. Jack Russell Terriers, however, learn from your reactions and will calm down once they know that the new person is safe and welcome in your home, saving you some embarrassment.

An Adaptive Dog for Any Family

With their lovable personalities, high energy levels, and outstanding intelligence, Jack Russell Terriers are great dogs for any type of family. Whether you like to hunt, hike, or play, your Jack Russell is ready to join in on the activity of your choice. These amazing dogs really are just happy to be a part of the family’s life. No matter what you enjoy, they’ll enjoy it too.

At Snow Creek Jack Russell, we believe Jack Russell Terriers are perfect dogs for your children and your family for all the reasons listed above. If you don’t want to take our word for it, check out these comments from our customers who added a Jack Russell Terrier to their family and have been loving it ever since! Stop in at Snow Creek Jack Russell too and see for yourself why these dogs are the perfect family dogs.

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