Jack Russell Terriers Winter Grooming Tips

Jack Russell Terriers Winter Grooming Tips

Keep Your Jack Russell Terrier Healthy with These Winter Grooming Tips

Paw prints in the snow and cold button noses are a dog owner’s signal that winter is here! With that winter bite on the tip of your Jack Russell’s nose though, you need to start your dog’s winter grooming routine. From their little feet to their beautiful winter coats, your Jack Russell Terrier needs extra love in the winter time to stay healthy and safe. From all of us at Snow Creek Jack Russell, here is a great list of Jack Russell winter grooming tips, so they have an enjoyable season.

Jack Russell Terrier with trimmed paws for winterKeep Those Paws Healthy for Dashing Through the Snow

Just as our feet get cold and dry during the winter months, so do our cute Jack Russell Terrier’s paws. With the extra dry air inside from the heater running, your poor pup’s paw pads can develop cracks and sores, ending with them bleeding. This development on your Jack Russell’s paws makes it painful for them to walk, run, and play. Be sure to check your dog’s paws often in the winter for any signs of dryness and take them to the vet if they have any cracks or sores.

In addition to checking their paw pads, it is also important to wipe or rinse off your dog’s paws in the winter whenever they come back from outside. Especially if you live in an area that gets snow or ice, rinsing off any chemicals or salt that people use to melt the snow and ice is important for your pup’s health.

You’ll also want to keep the hair in-between their paw pads trimmed. If your dog has long hair in-between their toes, it is more likely that they will have ice balls form in between their toes. Ice balls can make it difficult or painful for your dog to walk, so keep their paw hairs trimmed.

Trim Your Jack Russell Terrier’s Nails in Winter to Prevent Winter Breakage

Keeping your dog’s nails short throughout the whole year is important for several reasons. Short nails prevent accidental scratching when playing with the elderly, any children, and even any healthy adults. It also helps your dog walk without irritation or pain. You should, however, pay extra attention to trimming your Jack Russell Terrier’s nails in the winter. The cold can make your dog’s nails brittle and more likely to break. Keeping them short will help prevent breakage that may end in nerve pain.

Your Jack Russell’s Winter Coat Needs to Be Brushed

In the winter time, you even need to be more aware of caring for your Jack Russell Terrier’s coat. The cold season has you turning on the heater inside your home, which results in your Jack Russell Terrier going from warm to cold temperatures several times a day. These sudden temperatures changes will make your dog shed more. Brushing your dog’s coat more frequently in the winter will cut back on the shedding and distribute the oils in your dog’s fur over its body to help prevent dry skin.

If you have a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier or another long-haired dog, brushing their coat will help prevent matting. Matting occurs more often in the winter because your dog’s coat gets wet from rain and snow, which makes it stick together and form painful mats. Brushing your dog’s long fur more often in the winter will help prevent matting from occurring. While brushing is advised, cutting your dogs fur in the winter is not a good idea. Your Jack Russell Terrier’s winter coat keeps it warm and cutting it in any way, with the exception of in-between the paws, will worsen its ability to keep warm in the winter.

Jack Russell Terrier in a sweater for warmthWrap Your Jack Russell Terrier in Winter Sweaters for Warmth

Lastly, keeping your Jack Russell Terrier warm in the winter can be a challenge, especially if you have a short-haired Jack Russell. We recommend that you keep them warm with a sweater designed just for them. If you trim your long-haired Jack Russell Terrier, then they should also get a toasty warm sweater.

If you’re wondering about booties for your dog, we always say that it can’t hurt as a precaution. Try getting your dog used to wearing garments on their feet first by placing baby socks on them first. After they get used to the socks, you can switch them to booties that will protect their paws from the winter elements.

When it comes to your Jack Russell Terrier in winter weather, be sure to follow the above grooming tips. Putting extra attention into grooming your Jack Russell Terrier in the winter will ensure they are safe, healthy, and happy. No matter where you live, make sure you meet your Jack Russell Terrier’s winter grooming needs this season.

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