Jack Russell Terrier Markings and Coloring

Jack Russell Terrier Markings and Coloring

Jack Russell Markings and Coloring Make Each One a Masterpiece

Jack Russell Terriers steal the hearts of many, and at Snow Creek Jack Russell, we are no exception! These small, spunky dogs have great big personalities and light up the room as soon as they dash in with their smiles. Each Jack Russell is unique in more than one way. Along with their beloved nature, they also have unique appearances.

While there are endless possibilities for how a Jack Russell may look, they do have a few traits that are found more often throughout the breed. Take a look at the common Jack Russell markings and coloring options and let us know what combination your Jack Russell has on Facebook.

Jack Russell Terriers are Heart ThrobsPuppy Jack Russell

Puddin or shorty Jack Russell Terriers have the same general appearance as a rule because it is one of the standards that define the breed. They are small with a ranged height of 8.5-10 inches with an athletic build. Their clever, warm eyes are almond shaped and dark in color. Think of a folded collar on a button-down shirt and it looks remarkably like the button ears of the Jack Russell. They have docked tails which are usually as long as the width of the man’s hand, or about six inches.

Unique Jack Russell Terrier MarkingsJack Russell Coats Come in All Shades and Colors

While their general appearance is similar, their color variations are numerous. At Snow Creek Jack Russell, we get a rainbow of colors, and we never know exactly what we will get until we are celebrating the birth of a new litter. With many color possibilities, you’re sure to find a puppy that’s adorably perfect for you.

  • Tricolor – There are two variations of tricolor; 1. white, tan, and black 2. white, tan, and brown. The body of the Jack Russell will mainly be white with a few spots while the face is either predominately black or brown with small amounts of white and tan.
  • Brown and white – A mainly white dog with brown patches
  • Black and white – A mainly white dog with black patches
  • Lemon and white – A mainly white dog with lemon patches
  • Tan and white – A mainly white dog with tan patches
  • White – A completely white dog. Note: puppies born completely white often later develop patches of lemon coloring in their coat.
  • Red and white – A mainly white dog with red patches. Note: the red coloring is not a true red. It is a bright brown that is darker than lemon but lighter than brown.

Jack Russell Terrier Marked with Spots Jack Russells are Marking the Spot

In addition to their coloring options, these terriers also vary in spots. From the size, location, color, and shape, any two spots are hardly the same when it comes to a Jack Russell. While your Jack Russell will be unique overall, there are some common Jack Russell markings.

  • Patch over their eye – a colored spot of varying shape and size over one eye
  • Patch over their ear – a colored spot of varying shape and size over one ear
  • A mask – a fully colored head while the rest of the body is white
  • A mask with a streak – a fully colored head with a streak of white through the center
  • Saddle markings – spots of varying shapes and sizes on the dog’s back and sides where a saddle might go
  • Tail spot – a partly colored tail that may extend around the hindquarters

With variation in Jack Russell markings and coloring, each dog is truly a unique masterpiece just waiting to color your home with adorableness. Call Snow Creek Jack Russell today to choose your own lovable work of art and enjoy the big personality that comes along for the ride.



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