7 Tips to Keep Your Jack Russell Cool This Summer

7 Tips to Keep Your Jack Russell Cool This Summer

We Know How Hot It Gets in South Louisiana. Here Are Some Tips to Keep Your Jack Russell Cool

Summer has arrived in south Louisiana. It may not be officially summer according to the calendar, but if you take one step outside, you’ll feel it. With the humidity and temperatures on the rise, it’s difficult enough to keep ourselves cool, let alone our canine friends. Your Jack Russell Terrier will need extra help from you to keep cool in the stifling heat of summer. Discover Snow Creek Jack Russell’s seven cool tips to keep your pup’s temperature down.

  1. Jack Russell Terrier in a carNever, Ever Leave Your Dog in a Parked Car

We know this goes without saying, but never leave your dog in a parked car. Temperatures rise drastically inside parked vehicles, even with the windows cracked. In fact, a study by San Jose State University found the temperature inside a car rises about 20 degrees in the first 10 minutes. If you are taking your pet for a car ride, be sure they can go indoors with you or that someone can wait with them in the air-conditioned car, especially on a hot day.

  1. Stay Inside if it’s Too Hot

During the summer, the hottest part of the day is usually midday to early afternoon. Keep your Jack Russell inside during these peak heat hours. Try to keep their walks, hikes, jogs, or any other outdoor activities scheduled for the morning or early evening when the temperatures aren’t quite so high. If you do venture out on a hot day, check the asphalt or sidewalk for high temperatures as asphalt can burn your Jack Russell’s paw pads. Bring a water bottle and water bowl for your Jack Russell to rehydrate while on the move.

  1. Keep it Fresh

If you have your Jack Russell outside for extended periods during the summer, be sure to change their water often. Fresh, cool water will encourage your pup to hydrate while enjoying some summer sun. You can even add ice cubes to fresh water to cool it off. Place multiple water bowls where they can reach them. Easy access to fresh water is important when your Jack Russell is outside.

  1. Keep them in the Shade

Jack Russells need shady places to cool off while they are outside. If your pup has a dog house in the yard, don’t let them stay in it for very long. Dog houses have no air circulation and heat can get trapped inside. Trees are great, but they don’t always provide a large area where your Jack Russell can get out of the heat. Reliable shade such as an awning or porch is best if they are going to be outside for a while.

  1. Prepare a Doggy Water ParkJack Russell Terrier cooling off with water from a hose

Jack Russell Terriers love the water. A baby pool with a few inches of water can be a great way to help them cool off during the summer. You can also set up sprinklers or a paw-activated water geyser for more water fun. However, be watchful of water getting into your pup’s ears as it can easily cause an ear infection. Supervise your Jack Russell while they are playing in the water, especially if they are a puppy, a senior dog, or just not sure of the water.

  1. Don’t Shave Your Dogs Coat

Some rough-coated Jack Russells could probably use a good trim, but the ASPCA says it’s best not to shave your dog for the summer. Dogs have several layers of fur that are essential to their comfort, and removing that natural cooling system can lead to discomfort, overheating, and other serious dangers like sunburn or skin cancer. If you want to have your pup trimmed, it’s best to leave the grooming to the professionals. Never try to shave your dog down to the skin or try to cut their fur with scissors. Instead, simply give your Jack Russell a bath and brush him often to remove excess fur.

  1. Watch for Signs of OverheatingJack Russell Terrier panting in the summer

You’re Jack Russell can’t tell you if they’re not feeling well, so keep an eye out for heatstroke, which can have these symptoms:

  • Heavy panting
  • Heavy drooling
  • Trouble breathing
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Dark or red gums and tongue
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Agitation

If you see any signs of heatstroke. Bring your pup to a vet right away. You can use ice packs and give your dog cool water to ease the condition until you can get to the vet. Many complications from heatstroke do not appear until several days after the incident, but veterinary care can prevent or treat some of these issues.

When you and your Jack Russell head out to play this summer, remember these seven tips for fun in the sun. Don’t forget the sunblock and water for you!


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