Female Jack Russell Terriers

Meet Snow Creek's Adult Female Jack Russell Terriers

Below you will find Snow Creek’s beautiful female Jack Russell Terriers, also known as “Dams”. These ladies have helped Snow Creek produce some of the best Jack Russell puppies in the United States! Our female Jack Russell Terriers share a variety of color patterns and markings which delivers a wonderful selection of puppy colors for our customers. We make sure our girls are well taken care of, keeping them healthy and making sure they maintain a pleasant temperament.We love each and every one of our ladies here at the Snow Creek Farm. Please, feel free to bring the family by our facility one day and visit with all of our special girls here at Snow Creek. The girls always enjoy new visitors to the farm.

panda female jack russell terrier

Panda Roy

This beautiful tri-colored jack Russell has a very powerful front chest but a very feminine face with eyes that are adoring as she looks at you!  She has been a wonderful mama dog and milks like a Holstein cow!  Her pups have had a lot of bone and lots of color so if this is what you are looking for be sure to watch for her upcoming litters!

cassy female jack russell pup

Cassy Roy

When you look at this jack Russell terrier all you can say is WOW!  What’s even more amazing is that she has out produced herself several times and you will find several of her daughters here at Snow Creek Farms!  So far, the daughters that we have kept are out of Simba but in the near future we will be trying Teddy on this beauty also!

female jack russell terrier nola

Nola Roy

Out of all the Simba daughters, this one is probably the most incredible of all!  She too is a daughter out of Cassy and this one is just so powerful and athletic and yet so correct!  We are holding our breath to see just how amazing this cross will be on Teddy!

short legged jack russell nyla

Nyla Roy

You guessed it!  This shorty jack is a full sister to Nina and Nola and we kept this whole litter!  These beauties will be breeding in 2015 and all three will be bred to Teddy!  I know I might sound like a broken record, but folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

shorty jack female prissy

Prissy Roy

This red and white short legged Jack Russell has been quite stunning in the brood box! She has out produced herself every time! This girl is fine boned but so far has not passed this on to her puppies! We have carefully bred her to either Simba or Dibbles each time to ensure that extra frame in the puppies and have been very successful with this! Her babies have been just plain beautiful!

english jack terrier riley

Riley Roy

This red and white shorty jack is a stunning broken coat! This little girl has been a wonderful companion! She is a half-sister to our Teddy and so you can see that wonderful correct conformation has been a strong trait in these two! When we breed Riley we have been using Dibbles on her and have gotten some wonderful lemon and white pups from this cross! Riley is great in the brood box!

parson jack russell female mindy

Mindy Roy

This puddin jack is a full sister to Mia! She has amazed us with the body style of her puppies! You will see a couple of her daughters here at the farm, they are just that good! We have crossed her also on Dibbles and have got amazing results with this cross! You will be seeing more of this in the future!

female jack russell stella

Stella Roy

This shorty jack is another incredible Simba daughter out of Snuggie! We will put her on Teddy starting in 2015 to see if she will give us the same as her full sister, Snookie! This tri-colored beauty should produce more of the same quality so be watching for these babies in the near future!

mia female english terrier

Mia Roy

Mia is a short legged, tri-colored jack Russell terrier that is so balanced in her body condition! We bred her to Dibbles because of how dark colored she is and have had amazing results with this cross! They have had a rainbow of colors, red and white, lemon and white, liver and white, tri-colored and brown and white. We usually get some of all of these! Be on the lookout for more of the same!

female parsons jack russell brooks

Brooks Roy

Brooks is another Simba daughter out of a different female than Snookie but she too has that power! She’s quite a beautiful red and white female and she has just had her first litter! She’s definitely very maternal and these pups are looking pretty stout already at just 5 days old! If you miss out on these, be sure to watch for the future litters from Brooks and Teddy!

christy snow creek jack russell

Christy Roy

This shorty jack little lady is quit a beauty with her unusual mask! We have bred her to Dibbles in the past and they have produced some very unique masked puppies. There will be more to come so keep your eyes on this little beauty!

female jack russell terrier patsy

Patsy Roy

This is another shy short legged jack Russell! She, like her mom Panda has a very nice chest! She also inherited her mom’s beautiful eyes! She is shorter in length and height than her mom, Panda. She also, is very maternal and has done a great job in the brood box!

short leg jack russell nina

Nina Roy

Nina is a cross from Cassy and you guess it, Simba! We are very excited with this line of little ladies and are looking forward to breeding them to Teddy! We’ve already seen how amazing the cross of Simba’s daughters on Teddy is and can’t wait to see more!

lexie snow creek terrier

Lexie Roy

Lexie is a Mindy crossed with Dibbles daughter! Mindy is a Teddy daughter and just look at the gene pool! Lexie has so much of the great Teddy look and is a different style from the Simba daughters but let’s see what happens when we put Simba on her! Coming very soon!

mandy short legged jack russell

Mandy Roy

Mandy is a cross out of Teddy and Marley! She has that wonderful bone of her mom but is shorter bodied than mom, thanks to Teddy! She too is a different style than the Simba daughters but she will be a female to watch! We will breed her to Dibbles to see what color combinations we can get and later we will probably try her on Simba!

smooth coat jack russell kady

Kady Roy

This cute jack Russell terrier has such a beautiful face! Kady has a very quiet personality! Her favorite pass time is to just sit in my lap! She is a moderate framed girl so we like to beef her up by crossing her on Simba or Dibbles. Both of these males have put extra bone on her puppies but shorten them also. She too has been a very attentive and loving mama with her pups!

jack russell terrier marley

Marley Roy

This short legged jack Russell has tremendous bone! She is very short which makes her structure seem even larger than what it is! We have chose Teddy to breed her to and the results are very nice! You will see her daughters here at the farm also!

macy short legged jack russell terrier

Macy Roy

This jack Russell terrier has a lot of eye appeal! She is just gorgeous! She has great markings and a beautiful structure so we have decided that we are going to breed her to Teddy! With the corrective structures of these two you can be sure that we will keep a daughter or two!

female jack russell terrier snuggles

Snuggles Roy

Snuggie is another tri-colored jack Russell and I like to describe as having invented the word FUN, f for funny, u for unforgettable and n for nosy! Just as she does something to upset you she will turn around and make you laugh – all in the same moment! She has produced some very nice puppies and we have kept 3 of her females at this time. We usually cross her on Simba which seems to be the best mating for her!

snookie female jack russell dog

Snookie Roy

Now you will meet the first of the Simba daughters out of Snuggie! Look at the power of this female! She only stands 9.5 inches but is simply incredible! She’s powerful and athletic but wait till you meet her daughters from Teddy! We took that power and put it on the correct style of Teddy and this cross has been mind boggling! She’s powerful but she also very maternal and we can’t wait to see what comes from her daughters in the near future!

jamie female shorty jack terierr

Jamie Roy

Jamie is our first rough coated shorty jack and we are delighted with her! She has been bred to Teddy because they both are so correct and we are waiting to see how this mating comes out! She will be bred to Colton in the future and we are very excited about this mating! Colton is our first rough coated male who will be ready to go to work later in 2015! He too is very correct!

short leg jack olah

Olah Roy

This short legged rough coat jack Russell is such a delight! She makes sure you know she’s around! She too is very correct and should be ready to breed later in 2015 so you guessed it, she will be bred to Colton! These puppies should be just plain incredible! I can hardly wait to see these wonderful rough coat cuties! These should be quite a hit so don’t miss out, just keep watching!

snow creek jack russell bailey

Bailey Roy

Here she is! That magical cross of a Simba daughter on Teddy! Just look at the bone structure of this beauty! She’s extra short like her dad, Teddy, but massive like her grandfather, Simba! She and her sister look like twins other than the color, this one is red and white while her sister is tri-colored! These girls will be ready to breed late 2015 and we haven’t quite decided yet who the lucky male will be!

female jack russell puppy beca

Beca Roy

Now you see what I mean! Snookie out did herself with these 2 girls!  They are not only gorgeous but tremendous in style and confirmation!  Teddy took that extra length out of these 2 and made them prefect just like him!  As the song says “You can’t touch that”!  Folks watch to see what the future holds with more of Teddy on these Simba daughters!  We are very excited with these upcoming matings!

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