Famous Jack Russell Terriers

Famous Jack Russell Terriers

These Famous Jack Russell Terriers Can Inspire Some Amazing Adventures

For ages, Jack Russell Terriers have been beloved by many. With their quick wit and adorable looks, these spunky terriers have made amazing companions for a variety of people. From royalty to great explorers, Jack Russell Terriers have accompanied many through adventures and some have even become TV famous. Take a look at some of the most famous Jack Russell Terriers and gain some inspiration for names or set up your own Jack Russell Terrier for a life of fame too!

Bothie Fiennes, whose owner was Virginia Fiennes, was the first dog to set paws on both the north and south poles. Virginia and her husband Ranulph were both key members of the British Trans-Globe Expedition of 1979-82, and Virginia kept Bothie close while traveling to the north and south pole. Bothie proved that Jack Russell Terriers make excellent travel companions and later had a book written about her titled “Bothie the Polar Dog.”

A Jack Russell Terrier being a good flower boi

Nipper Barraud, was Francis Barraud’s model and muse for his painting, “His Master’s Voice,” which depicts Nipper listening into a phonograph. Nipper’s adorable head tilt and curious nature landed him the honor of being the face of The Gramophone Company in 1899. The image also became the logo for many recording brands including HMV, EMI, and RCA. Nipper helped show advertisers and painters everywhere that cute sells.

Beth and Bluebell are demonstrating that terriers can be the perfect companions for anyone no matter your status. Enjoying the sweet life, these two Parson Jack Russells belong to Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. They were rescued from a dog’s home and are truly fit for royalty.

Jesse Brook from the hit YouTube series “Useful Dog Tricks,” takes training to a whole new level. Knowing more than 400 tricks, Jesse the short-legged Jack Russell Terrier, may be more talented than any other dog out there. This beyond-talented dog just goes to show you that you don’t need to be human to be smart.

Famous Jack Russell Terriers Actors

Being smart and adorable can land you some top spots in the acting world. Below are some famous Jack Russells who loved being on the big screen.

Enzo played several characters including Skip from the movie “My Dog Skip” and Le chien in “Sous le Soleil.” Enzo also succeeded his father Moose in playing Eddie Crane on “Frasier.” A Jack Russell Terrier being a good athletic boi

Soccer proved that Jack Russell Terriers were not only adorable but also wonderfully smart. Playing Wishbone in the hit TV show, “Wishbone,” this short-legged Jack Russell Terrier solved many mysteries all while wagging his tail and making many children happy.

Max got to star alongside Jim Carrey in “The Mask” as Milo the dog. Playing Stanley Ipkiss’s partner in crime, Max got to show off by showing tricks such as finding keys and breaking into jail. It’s safe to say, Max’s appearance in the movie made many people smile.

From great explorers to famous actors, Jack Russell Terriers have done it all, and with wagging tails and smiling faces no less. At Snow Creek Jack Russell, we believe all Jack Russell Terriers are special and cherish finding each one a loving home where they can explore back yards and star in home films. If you have a picture or video of your special little one doing something amazing like the famous Jack Russells listed above, we would love to have you post it on our Facebook page!

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